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Company Name Trusted Advisors Co., Ltd
Address [Head Office]
Kounan 4-Chome, Minato-ku,,
Tokyo, Japan 108-0074 [Egypt Branch]
50 Mohamed Mazhar Street
Ground floor, Cairo, Egypt
Top Management Representative Director CEO Taisuke Mizuno
Representative Director COO Shusaku Endo
Date of Establishment March, 2017
Business Summary M&A Deals Market Operation
Cross-border focus on the following business segments
  • M&A advisory business
  • Real estate advisory business
  • Management consulting business
Group Trusted Advisors Group
  • Trusted Advisors Co., Ltd.
  • CPA Mizuno Office
  • Taisuke Mizuno Tax Accountant Office
  • Endo CPA Firm
Member Organizations
  • All Japan Real Estate Federation (Public Interest Incorporated Association)
  • Licensed for real estate trading; Governor of Tokyo (1)101437
  • Freee - Certified Advisor
Partners SACT Co., Ltd.


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